Beeswax Wraps

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Beeswax Wraps

Our beautiful beeswax wraps are hand-made by a micro-business in Malpas just over the border from our base in Wrexham, North Wales. So as a business we are directly supporting our local economy and by purchasing these products you are helping to support the small, local economy of Wrexham and of North Wales.

Beeswax wraps make a great alternative for cling film or aluminium foil and can be used again and again.  Just wrap your item, fold over the edges and the warmth from your hands helps the wrap to mould to the correct shape and form a seal.  

These wraps should be rinsed in luke-warm water between uses, do not use hot water as this will melt your precious wax. Your wraps should also NOT be used in the microwave or for raw meat.  Unfortunately due to the use of bees wax these wraps are Not suitable for vegans .  Various designs are available, it really just depends what I have been sent!  However they are all gorgeous, fun designs and I'm sure most people could find a design that they like.  If you would like to select from our current stock please contact us directly by email and we can send a photo of what designs we have available.

Cling film is a single use plastic and is usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not only is there talk of this product being harmful to human health but the fact that it is single use and does not biodegrade means that there is huge amounts in landfill which will sit there, possibly leaching chemicals, whilst your Grandchildren have grandchildren.  There are also sadly huge amounts of plastics littering our environment and our oceans causing risk to wildlife who may ingest or get trapped in amongst it and perish.

Is there a threat to human health? Well, research has shown that there may be links to chemicals leaching from plastics into food and drink, causing health problems and even Cancer Research UK is now warning that cling film should not be allowed to touch food it is covering during microwaving.

So for the sake of our environment and for our health a reusable, washable beeswax covered piece of fabric seems like a far superior alternative.

Can be purchased individually or as a set of four wraps. As a set it makes a really pretty and a thoughtful gift.

As with all our products these beeswax wraps come to you wrapped in 100% biodegradable and plastic-free packaging including the tape.

Minimum dimensions each wrap approx. 25cm by 25cm.

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